JusticeTrans would not be what it is today without the generous support of the following partners.

Dalhousie University FCS logo


The Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science hosts a year round course, titled ‘Community Outreach‘. Through the generous help of FCS students enrolled in this course, JusticeTrans was able to redesign the website.

Law Foundation of Ontario logo

The Law Foundation of Ontario provided JusticeTrans with a generous grant, through its , to continue its legal information services, including to redesign the website and relaunch the mobile phone applications.

Ryerson Legal Innovation Zone logo

Ryerson’s Legal Innovation Zone provided a working space for JusticeTrans during its infancy. The LIZ is a legal tech incubator, providing a co-working space that helps to support, foster, and develop solutions and techniques to improve legal services and the justice system.

Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution logo

The Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution has been a supporter of JusticeTrans since its infancy. In January 2016, after the launch of JusticeTrans, they graciously published a by founder, Benjamin Vandorpe, about the inspiration behind JusticeTrans, its development, and future plans.

Roxanne Allard logo

Roxanne Allard is a designer of User Interfaces, web and app templates. She designed the original JusticeTrans logo, seen on the site. She is also a Co-Founder of and is in the process of launching .