Statement in Solidarity with Hollee George

JusticeTrans stands in solidarity with Hollee George, a Two Spirit Indigenous woman who experienced discrimination at the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). George’s experience reflects the experiences of many Indigenous people who have experienced discrimination and been denied adequate care within medical and healthcare settings. This mistreatment often results in physical, psychological, and spiritual harm to those who are already vulnerable and seeking medical care. 

Over the past year, discrimination against Indigenous persons and communities has become more present in media and conversations. Awareness of this issue is long overdue. Indigenous communities have been stigmatized and subjected to police brutality, starvation, residential schools, day schools, medical experimentation, sterilization, harassment, abduction, targeted murder, and genocide. 

Despite this growing awareness, there is still a great deal of work to be done to improve the lives of Indigenous peoples and combat anti-Indigenous racism and discrimination, 

We call on the LHSC to take measures to ensure their ability to provide services free from any form of discrimination – including, but not limited to, implementing adequate diversity and anti discrimination training and adopting relevant policies on the matter, particularly regarding Indigenous people generally and Two Spirit people specifically – and to work with Hollee George in order to repair the harm caused.