Privacy Tutorial

Some of our users may wish to use this app in secrecy. To help you with this, we’ve created a tutorial to help you change the JusticeTrans’ app icon and name on your phone’s home screen.

Note: Both options require an icon pack to be pre-installed (A basic icon pack is CandyCons)

Option 1:

If your phone allows you to change app icons and names by long pressing the app icon..

Press and hold the JusticeTrans app icon until this menu appears. Click edit
Edit the label to a regular/discreet app name (Ex. My Account)
Tap the icon and select your pre-installed icon pack from the dropdown menu
Press ‘OK’ after selecting your desired icon. Your app now has a different icon and name.


Option 2:

If your phone does not allow you to change app icons and names by long holding the app icon


  • Download Awesome Icons from the App Store. (Note: This solution may not work on all phones)
    Select the JusticeTrans app within Awesome Icons
    Click on the label to rename it as desired
    After renaming, click the JusticeTrans icon under ‘ICON’. Select ‘Icon Pack icon’
    Select your pre-installed icon pack from the list
    Select your desired icon from the list of icons
    Make sure the new info is correct then click ‘OK’
    Click ‘Add Automatically’
    The new icon and label will be on your home screen!

    Note: Do not uninstall the old JusticeTrans app! The new icon is just a shortcut to the actual JusticeTrans app!