Gender Marker – Alberta

Birth Certificate
In 2015, Alberta’s Vital Statistics Information Regulation was revised to be consistent with the then-new sex change provisions in the Vital Statistics Act. The changes made it easier for individuals to amend the gender marker on their birth certificates.

In order to amend their gender marker, individuals need only submit a single affidavit as the applicant, alongside a letter from an accredited physician or psychologist. The letter does not need to make reference to any surgeries.

For more information about the changes, please see O.C. 41/2015.

Sources: Alberta Government AnnouncementAlberta Vital Statistics Information Regulation; Alberta Vital Statistics ActO.C. 41/2015.

Driver’s License or Identification Card
To be eligible to change the gender marker on a Driver’s License or Identification Card, an individual must be:

  1. At least 18 years of age; OR
  2. Less than 18 years of age, but are married or an adult interdependent partner; OR
  3. Less than 18 years of age, and are providing both of their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent; OR
  4. Less than 18 years of age, and there is a court order dispensing with both parents’ or guardians’ legal consent.

There are three ways in which an individual may change their gender marker on their Driver’s License or Identification Card. You must submit either:

  1. An amended birth certificate; OR
  2. An amended record of birth; OR
  3. An affidavit and a letter from a regulated medical professional.

For more information on how to submit an application, you must contact an Alberta Registry Agent Office. Affidavit and Consent forms may be found here.

Sources: Alberta Vital Statistics ActAlberta Vital Statistics Information Regulation, Service Alberta – Change Sex Information.