Human Rights – Alberta

The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of the gender of an individual. Gender is defined under the Act as including those who identify as male, female, and/or transgender. The Act has also includes explicit protections on the basis of gender identity and gender expression; the Act does not define the terms, however the Commission defines them in this document.

On June 1, 2015, amendments to the Alberta Bill of Rights officially came into force, providing explicit protection for gender identity and gender expression. The Bill of Rights is relevant only in relation to the provincial government; it contains rights or freedoms that are extended or guaranteed by the Crown. As such, enforcement of the Bill’s contained rights or freedoms is always against government. For a more detailed discussion of the differences between a Bill of Rights and a Human Rights Act, please click here.

You can file a human rights complaint if you feel you’ve been harassed or discriminated against through the Alberta Human Rights Commission. For information on making and/or resolving a human rights complaint, please click here.

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