Name Change – Manitoba

On August 1, 2014, The Change of Name Act introduced significant amendments to Manitoba’s name change process. There is now a seven-step process that includes the finger-printing of adults in order to change your name. An adult is anyone who is 18 years of age or older, or anyone who is younger than 18 but is married/in a common-law relationship or in the custody of a child.

The first step in the process is to fill out an Application for a Legal Change of Name (Adult). All supporting documents must be attached and the required fees included. This application must then be submitted to the Vital Statistics Agency by scheduling an appointment or by registered mail.

Once approved, the Agency will provide the applicant with the Manitoba Legal Change of Name and Fingerprinting Information Sheet. The applicant must review this information before contacting one of the authorized fingerprinting agencies. An appointment may be required.

The applicant must bring the Information Sheet with them to the authorized fingerprinting agency, as well as the required fees. There, they will then undergo the fingerprinting process in order to support to legal change of name application. For further information about how fingerprints are used or destroyed, please click here.

Once approved, the Vital Statistics Agency will process the legal change of name and mail the certificate of name change to the applicant. For further information about the changes to the name change process, please click here.

The application process is slightly different where the individual is considered a Child. For detailed information on requirements, please see the Application for a Legal Change of Name (Child) form.

Sources: The Change of Name ActManitoba Vital Statistics Agency – Legal Change of Name.