Citizenship Certification – National

In either of the below noted cases, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada does not require proof of SRS to be submitted in order to support a request for change of sex designation. However, you may include proof of SRS from a medical practitioner in good standing in order to support your application.

If a person under the age of 18 wishes to change their gender marker on the Canadian Citizenship Certificate, both the applicant and their parent/legal guardian will need to sign and provide proof of parentage/legal guardianship, as is stipulated within the appropriate jurisdiction.

For detailed information about the process from IRCC, please click here.

Documentary Evidence Issued within Canada
For adults and minors interested in changing their gender marker on their Canadian Citizenship Certificate, proof must be submitted along with your request.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada lists three acceptable forms of proof to support a request for change of sex designation where the documentary evidence has been issued within Canada:

  1. A legal document issued by the vital statistics organization in the respective province or territory displaying the change of sex designation; OR
  2. a court order; OR
  3. an amended birth certificate displaying the change of sex designation.

In the Event an Applicant Cannot Obtain Documents Issued Within Canada
In the event that you are unable to obtain the above-listed evidence, you must submit form CIT 0404.

A witness will also be required. Inside of Canada, the request form must be sworn in the presence of:

  1. A notary public; OR
  2. A commissioner of taking oaths; OR
  3. A commissioner of taking affidavits.

Outside of Canada, it must be sworn in the presence of a notary public.

Accepted Sex Change Requests Forms for Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Sources: Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Documentary Evidence Issued outside Canada
In cases where the documentary evidence was issued outside of Canada, the following is required:

  1. a document showing a change in sex designation, such as a legal order, court order or amended birth certificate; OR
  2. Request form for a Change of Sex Designation (CIT 0404) (PDF, 1.52MB) AND
  3. photo identification issued by the national, state or provincial (or equivalent) authority where you reside, showing the amended sex designation.

Changing Gender Designation to ‘X’ (Unspecified)
Should you wish not to have ‘F’ or ‘M’ indicated on your documents, you may apply to have ‘X’ listed as your designated sex. ‘X’ is defined as being ‘unspecified’. If you wish to change your sex designation on your documents, you can submit a request for a citizenship or immigration document with an “X” in the sex field free of charge, using the following form. It is important to note that while some countries may recognize ‘X’ or admit a person with a sex designation of ‘X’, some may not.

There is also an option to have a supporting document issued, specifying your gender as ‘X’, while a new policy is being formulated and systems are being updated. In order to obtain said document, you must apply for it once you are already residing in Canada and have a valid document showing your work status. For more information, please click here.

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