Human Rights – New Brunswick

On April 26, 2017, Bill 51 passed final reading in the New Brunswick legislature. Bill 51 made a number of amendments to the Human Rights Act of New Brunswick, including adding protections for “gender identity or expression” (Section 2.1(n)). The Human Rights Act prohibits sexual harassment explicitly, other forms of harassment implicitly, and discrimination, on the protected grounds.

It is not enough for employers, landlords, and others governed by the Act to “treat everyone equally”. The Act also stipulates that accommodations should be made, as much as reasonably possible, where required for individuals, in order that they not be discriminated against on one of the protected grounds.

The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission is responsible for administering the Act. A person who wishes to file a complaint may do so using a special form which is available from the Commission. The complaint must be filed within one year of the alleged violation of the Act, unless the Commission grants an extension. In the event of a continuing/recurring alleged violation, the complaint must be filed within one year of the last violation, unless the Commission grants an extension.

For more information about the Act, its administration, or the Human Rights Commission, please visit the Commission’s website.

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