Human Rights – Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, Part I, subsections 5(1)(na) and (nb), respectively. Gender identity and gender expression are not defined in the Act, however the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission defines both terms in this document: Human Rights in the Workplace – A Glossary of Terms.

Gender identity is defined as the “internal sense of being male or female which can be partially or fully opposed physical anatomy and gender roles assigned at birth.”

Gender expression is defined as “the external behaviours and characteristics (ie, dress, mannerisms, social interactions, speech patterns, etc) that a person displays in order to indicate their gender identity through behaviour, clothing, hairstyle, voice, and emphasizing, de-emphasizing, or changing your physical characteristics.”

If you feel that you’ve been harassed or discriminated against because of your gender identity or gender expression under a protected area, you can file a complaint through the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

Sources: Nova Scotia Human Rights Act; Nova Scotia Human Rights CommissionHuman Rights in the Workplace – A Glossary of Terms.